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Q. What is an automatic watch

A. An automatic watch is a watch that continues to operate due to the regular motion of the wearer's wrist. Automatic wristwatches don't need winding if worn daily. The energy is stored by using a half-disc metal weight, called a rotor, that spins when the arm is moved. This energy is used to power the watch and can keep the watch going at night or while the watch isn't being worn. Stored energy in an automatic wristwatch can keep an unworn watch running for 24 to 48 hours

Q. What happens if my Watch stops ticking?

A. If your automatic watch is unworn for 24 to 48 hours, it will likely stop running. An idle automatic can be wound with 30 rotations to restore its energy. Even just aa brief shake will usually get it started again. Simply wind the watch and set the time and your watch is ready to go again.

Q. What is so special about an automatic watch?

A. After the quartz watch boom of the 1970s, men's and women's watches with mechanical craftsmanship and quality made a comeback in the 1990s. Watch wearers recognized the benefits and pleasure of interacting with a mechanical device as part of their daily routine. An automatic watch, by virtue of being a machine, signifies quality and the owner's interest in the mechanics of timekeeping. Traditional mechanical watches also offer an aesthetic value that is difficult to replace with battery-operated timepieces. Automatic watches give consumers a mechanical watch option that is easy to use, because the automatic mechanism eliminates the need for manual winding.

Q. Are all Astra Watches Automatic?

A. Yes, at this time, all of our models are Automatic. 

Q. What are your hours?

A. Our hours are 9-5 Eastern time via email (

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes. We do ship internationally, we ship everything USPS First class. We are shipping worldwide for free. 

Q. Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

A. We do not ship to PO boxes at this time.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept every major credit and debit card, and can also take PAYPAL as well. Any other request, please contact us at

Q. Is sales tax charged?

A. Sales tax collected for North Carolina purchases only.

Q. How long does it take to receive my order?

A. Prompt delivery is a great source of pride for us. Our goal is for all purchases to be shipped next day (engraved models take a little longer), and all of our orders ship via USPS First class mail, unless otherwise specified.  For international shipping, we will always do our part to get the watch out the door quickly as promised, but customs involved makes delivery times variable.

Q. Can I order a watch that is on backorder?

A. Not at this time, our philosophy has always been that we only sell things that we have ready, though if you really want to reserve a spot in an upcoming release, we can take a place-holder deposit.

Q. What is the warranty on my watch?

A. Astra watches come with a 1 year limited warranty that covers mechanical elements, materials, and workmanship for one year. It does not cover normal wear and tear to the case/band or crystals. It also does not cover accidents or misuse of the watch. Opening the case voids the warranty.

Q. What is your return/exchange policy?

A. Full refunds (less shipping) can be issued for un-worn items that are returned within 14 days of when the customer received the product. If it has passed that period, please contact us at, and we can work something out.

Q. How can we discuss a retail partnership?

A. Astra Watches is always looking for new business partnerships. Please email us at for more information.